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With its river, opulent shade, waterfalls and vast meadows, Sillans has many attractions to seduce its visitors.
The village has kept its particular medieval appearance, tightened on itself it has a bit of the look of a large farmhouse whose central square would be the inner courtyard.

In Sillans the waterfall, one can admire:

  • St Etienne Church (17th century), its pretty porch and exposed stones.
  • The ramparts with their beautiful towers and 11th century niches.
  • The castle, under renovation since its acquisition by the municipality.

In Sillans there is also the waterfall.

Located 9km from the campsite you will find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. Nearly 45m high turquoise water just for the pleasure of your eyes. A lookout was set up in 2014 which allows you to take beautiful souvenir photos. A pleasant 800m walk through gigantic 800m century-old plane trees leads to this splendid waterfall. It is the waters of the Bresque magnified by those of the beautiful spring of Bresc Castle and the valley of the Ourc that rush into a small swirling lake.

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