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The Lake of Sainte Croix is located between the departments of the Var and the Alps of Haute Provence in the Verdon Region Natural Park.

It has an area of 22 km2, it is an artificial lake fed by the river verdon. The lake is born by flowing below the Galetas Bridge which also marks the boundary of the previously named departments.

Downstream, the Sainte Croix hydroelectric dam holds several hundred million cubic metres of water. Subsequently, the verdon continues on its way to the Durance and eventually spills into the Mediterranean. Put into water in 1973, following the construction of the dam of Sainte Croix the lake is the true pearl of the country of Verdon, it also enjoys an exceptional geographical location by being at the center of the natural park.

The Lake of Sainte Croix will be the center of your holiday and your best ally for your dear blonde heads to have fun without restraint.
The lake of Sainte Croix is quite large (but not too big anyway). You will easily find small beaches and other places to enjoy the well-deserved swimming. However, outside the holiday period you can enjoy without fear the beaches of the villages on the edge of the lake. You will find the most beautiful beaches of the lake at les Salles sur Verdon (opposite the island of Coste Belle) and in Bauduen with its rock coming out of the water. The waters of the lake warm up quickly and swimming at the end of April is not impossible. In summer the waters of the lake can reach 27 deg.
Three villages border the lake of Sainte Croix: Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon, Bauduen and Les Salles-sur-Verdon

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